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1. Infinity Scarf-Etsy, 2. Taylor Headphones-Frends, 3. Fix+Rose-Mac, 4. Mid City Tote-Foley + Corrina, 5. Organic Almonds, 6. Straight Travel Set-Bumble and bumble, 7. Night Jasmine Perfume Roller-Skeem, 8. Sleep Mask-Missoni for Target, 9. Le Pen– Marvy/Uchida, 10. Plain Notebook-Moleskine

This week Im off to Texas for a couple of days to spend time with family. My Aunt and Uncle are foodies to say the least so Im looking forward to a bit of indulgence in that arena. After that its straight to LA for some girl time, and of course, the beach. The hardest part about a vacation, is getting there. Id say Ive done my fair share of traveling both domestically and internationally, and above are some of my favorite tried and true travel essentials. First of all you need a functional bag… wait, it has to look good too! This Foley and Corrina leather bag fulfills both the functionality and aesthetic requirements. Carry it as a hand bag or use the shoulder strap and it turn into a tote. Its big enough to fit all of the above items, with room for extras such as a camera (and the buttery leather doesnt hurt either). I always take along a a scarf when traveling, to throw on in the freezing plane, use as a pillow etc. Flying usually involves some wait time, and I like to have a notebook to scribble thoughts/recipes, and a nice pen to do it with. As far as food, its a good idea to pack snacks to ward off hunger and the temptation of a wafting Cinnabon aroma, nuts do the trick. For longer flights, earphones and a sleep mask are a must for naps and nipping jet lag in the bud. As far as delays and weather, cross your fingers and, good luck!

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