Herby Brown Rice Salad

Have your ingredients ready to add…
Always use local ingredients that are in season
Sometimes you burn the nuts, but its okay…

Looking for a healthy recipe? When in doubt, “Go with the grain!” (please be advised this is the only time I will ever recommend that) Starting with a neutral grain is never a bad bet. Use it  as a personal canvas, infusing it with your own artistic skills. Maybe you’re the vinaigrette queen? Apply that here. Grow the sweetest sweet peas in town? Throw em on in. The possibilities are endless, just remember a little color never hurt!

Organic Brown Rice-3 cups
Sprouts-1 cup
Sweet Peas-1/2 cup, shucked
Purple Amaranth-1/2 cup
Oregano-1 bunch
Thyme-1 bunch
Lemon-2 large
Shallot-1 large
Garlic-3 toes
Olive Oil-1 cup
Dijon Mustard-1 tsp

Cook rice on stovetop, set aside. Create citronette- squeeze lemon, add olive oil, pressed garlic, chopped shallot, and dijon. Shake. Add s&p to taste. Wash herbs, remove leaves, and chop. You should have about 2 tbsp of each. Add citronette over rice, combine well.  Add sprouts, peas, oregano and thyme, combine. Lastly sprinkle with purple amaranth, top with fresh cracked pepper, and a sprig of oregano. Serve and enjoy.

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One thought on “Herby Brown Rice Salad

  1. […] am a big fan of tabbouleh, or any grain salad really (see quinoa here, and brown rice salad here), and had some of this gorgeous forbidden black rice on hand, so decided to substitute the standard […]

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