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Salted Pecan Granola



Okay okay, I know. This isn’t the first time I’ve put up a granola recipe. Trust me though, this is the best one yet. Adding sea salt to the pecans is just well, magical. The whole house smelled like roasting nutty goodness and Christmas, which got me thinking about Fall and cooler weather. This led me to think about boots and fall outfits, which if off topic, but a good example of my thought processes, and a foreshadowing of an upcoming post.  Anyway, if you take 30 minutes out of your Sunday to make this, youll be happy when you have a delicious crunchy yogurt topper every morning, or 3 pm snack every afternoon.


Organic Rolled Oats-6 cups
Whole Pecans-2 cups
Unsweetened Coconut Flakes-1 cup
Amber Agave-1/2 cup
Cinnamon-1 tbsp
Coconut Oil-4 tbsp
Maldon Sea Salt-a pinch

Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Spray


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease pan with coconut oil spray. Mix together oats, pecans, coconut flakes, cinnamon. Spread in tray and dot the top of the mixture with dollops of coconut oil.  Sprinkle with salt, and place in oven. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, rotating, stirring mixture every 10 minutes. Remove from oven, salt once more, and let cool.

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Road Trip Mix Tape

road trip mix tape aa


Every road trip needs a mix tape, every mix tape needs a road trip…or something like that. A few of the current tracks on my favorites list, an ebb and flow of happy meets jazzy meets sultry.

1.French Horn Rebellion~Love is Dangerous
2.Amtrac~Fame or Shame?
4.Mitzi~Truly Alive
5.High Highs~Flowers Bloom
6.Jagwar Ma~What Love
7.Egyptian Hip Hop~Rad Pitt
8.Work Drugs~Pluto (Smooth and Swanky Yacht Club Mix)
13.Satin Jackets~You Make Me Feel Good
15.Drake, Majid Jordan~Hold on, We’re Going Home

Follow the playlist on Spotify here

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“Leaving city for an open highway
Or the planet for a clear blue sky way
Oh it’s hour good.”


What can I say? I love Flume. The remix of New Navy’s, Zimbabwe is it. A slowed down version of an original “Two-Door-Cinema-Club-esque” track. Adding it to the “After Midnight” playlist, sexy.

Listen: Zimbabwe~New Navy (Flume Remix)

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Like A Rolling Stone

Catavina, Smal town in Baja California Mexico
the route2 likearollingstonefinaledit5565426_2495261_lz

Arches National Park abstract print here

Crochet Crop Top~Lauren Moffat,  Chrome Lighter~Zippo, Ankle Boots~Messeca, Dirty Solid Perfume~Lush Cosmetics, Lomography Camera~Novella+Diana, Double Slit Maxi Skirt~Ecote, Oversized Round Sunglasses~The Row x Linda Farrow, Black Satchel~Cambridge Satchel Company


So were off, following the above route, first stop Denver for a chill night, and the Poolside show tomorrow night. Then we’re on to Salt Lake for Empire of the Sun, and then camping in Arches. We may decide to stray a bit from the trail to visit Zion national Park, or Burning Man (if some tickets fall in our lap)?!? Above are a few key items Im packing for our trip. It’s tricky, because even though we will be camping, there are inevitably going to be nights (for the concerts mainly) that require more than yoga pants and sneakers. Maxi skirts are perfect, because they are easily dressed up or down, and can even act as a scarf on cold camp nights (I do this all the time!). Pair it with a crochet top and nicer pair of ankle boots. This way, you’re dressed up without having to bring heels, and still have key peices that are easily mixed and matched. An awesome satchel (that will last forever) can be brought to shows, or even on hikes. A Zippo for lighting the camp stove, travel candle, and camp fires. I thought this “Dirty” scented solid perfume was fitting, and easy to throw in your bag and roll on in a flash. Of course, coffee, a rad mixtape, and camera are absolutely necessary. Were even bringing our pup Speedo…so we’ve really got everything!

***Look out for a “Road Trip Mixtape” mañana!

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Road Trippin’

road trippin
“Delicate Arch” print~Society 6


Wanderlust Etched Plate Necklace~Free People


Were off! Summer road trip 2013…follow our progress right here.

Listen: Road Trippin-Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Giveaway: Triangle Charm Bracelet

win me jpeg

Bracelet-Metrix Jewelry


Our second giveaway! Lisa, owner and jeweler of Mextrix Jewelry explains that geometric shapes, leather, and metal are some of her favorite materials. Everything is designed and handmade by her in Queens, New York. Even though multiples of pieces are produced, each one will be special and unique because everything is handmade, and made to order. Metrix Jewelry recognizes that we are all individualistic. Who wants to be wearing the same jewelry as the girl next door after all? Lisa gives an updated, unique look to her pieces by combining leather, metal, geometric shapes, and mixing materials that are not ordinarily put together. Lisa says she loves the juxtaposition of black leather against brass. The black leather represents the darkness inside us all, which is trying to escape from the brass’s shine. Depending on the piece, either the darkness takes over or the light shines through. This bracelet on natural irish linen is perfect for stacking, and is our giveaway this week! Comment below with what you would stack this bracelet with…we’d love to know. Make sure you include your email, winner will be chosen next week. Check out Lisa’s Etsy store, here.

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Style 3

Lace Strap Cami~Stone Cold Fox x UO, High Waist Scrunch Skirt~Free People, Ankle Boots~Messeca, Clipperton Fedora~Free People, Armor Ring~Etsy


Red Rocks has got to be one of the most amazing music venues on Earth. The statuesque mounds of pinkish red-hued rock flank an amphitheatre that is carved out into the mountain. Said to have naturally amplyfying acoustics, the venue has welcomed the likes of the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, The Dead…just to name a few. We arrived a few hours before the show to hike around and picnic. If you’ve never witnessed a show here, I highly suggest you plan on it.

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Listen: Elliot


Totally infectious, funky, retro, dance music. Im obsessed with Roosevelt. Listen to the above track, “Elliot.”  If it doesn’t make you want to get up, strap on your roller skates, and boogie, there may be something wrong with you. #turnitup

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Colorado Highlights

Beauty at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Playing around before the show
PLXBlack Milk Leggings 
Live band including a horn section
Moon rising
The crowd from above
Italian eggs benedict, Tender Belly bacon, and grilled romaine salad


We weren’t even in Denver for 24 hours, but managed to fit in a concert at Red Rocks and brunch at my favorite Wash Park restaurant, Cafe Bar. We drove up for the night to see Pretty Lights at Red Rocks, as I havent missed a PL Red Rocks wknd in 5 years… at this point its tradition. I was pretty stoked this being my 15th PL show, so we arrived early to enjoy the view, and hike around the rocks a bit. Talib Kweli was an unbelieveable opener, his inspiring words and infecting energy preparing the crowd for Derek and crew. Adding a live band to an already amazing show was nothing short of amazing, moving us to dance for 3 hours non-stop. I had to comemmorate the experience with a “YOLO” buy of some Pretty Lights & Black Milk Denver skyline leggings.

***Be sure to check out Monday’s Red Rocks Style post!

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Things We Love:


Saguaro Stained Glass Table Lamp~1178box


The search for the perfect cactus lamp(?!?) began at approximately 5:00 this evening when my best friend (obviously anxious to leave work, but still stuck there, noting the time) decided to email me the link to “a pair of whimsical Italian ceramic cactus lamps,” saying they reminded her of me. Intrigued, I clicked the link, not knowing it would lead me STRAIGHT into temptation. To my sorrow, these fabulous 1970’s-I belong in a Palm Springs house-beauties cost a cool $1,600. Inspired and determined, I did not let this SNAFU deter me. I began the hunt, the hunt for what I convinced myself to be completely “necessary” cacti lamp. What I found was this beauty-simplistic in design, and complex in expression. It will be mine.

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