Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Poblanos


We just came to the end of our gluten free, dairy free, coffee free, alcohol free, sugar free (including fruit…yikes!) month. Yes, I know that alot of “free,” but, we did it!  The key for us was hitting the farmers market hard every week, developing relationships with our farmer friends, and visiting our friends with gardens. In addition to fresh vegetables/salad, we made every kind of quinoa imaginable. With quinoa being about fifty percent of our diet, its easy to get a little bored. Thats when we got inventive and created this dish. It features quinoa mixed with south of the border veggies which we then stuffed into freshly roasted poblano peppers, sitting stop buttery avocado rings.  Top with a shower of cilantro, a sprinkle of lime, and you’re good to go!


Quinoa-3 cups
Poblano Peppers-4
Serrano Peppers-3
Red Onion-1 medium
Cucumber-1 large
Cilantro-1 bunch
Garlic-4 toes
Olive Oil-1/2 cup


Wash quinoa until water runs clear.  In a saucepan bring equal parts water and quinoa to a boil, reduce to simmer and cook for 12-15 minutes. While quinoa cooks,  charr poblanos on the stovetop over a high flame. You will hear popping (this is good!) and  the lovely aroma of roasted green chiles will fill the air. Rotate peppers until most of the skin is dark and crispy.  Remove quinoa from heat and fluff with a fork, set aside to cool.  Dice serrano, onion, cucumber,  and garlic, chop cilantro. Combine oil, garlic, and the juice of two limes (save two wedges for garnish) in a mason jar. Add salt and pepper.  Shake. Once peppers have cooled, slice off a side of each, remove seeds and discard, but save pepper slices. Dice pepper slices and add to quinoa. To plate, slice avocados, and stuff peppers. Place quinoa on top of avocado, garnish with cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

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One thought on “Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Poblanos

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