DIY: Festival Vest

1vest collage 2sew it 34stud it 5party 6



So I had been holding on to these two “really cool” shirts that my best friend and I had in high school. I carried them with me through one dorm room, three college houses, one post college house etc. I was determined to use them for something to commemorate our Taos High shenanigans, and the fact that we thought we were hot sh*t. It’s comical really. I had planned on finding some hoodies and sewing parts of the t-shirt onto the hoodie, but came up with a better idea. BESTI FESTI VESTIS. Yes, the name just as “cool” as the said shirts.

1)Pick out your vests (Buffalo Exchange or Forever 21 are good places to find cheap denim) remember that the thinner the fabric, the easer it is to sew
2)Place shirts over vest to determine cut line, cut shirts…carefully, you don’t get a do-over
3)Start sewing the edges of the shirt fabric to the denim (use a thread color that is similar to shirt color)
4)Use different colored embroidery thread, looping it around edges, to accent collar/pockets
5)Use assorted crafting studs on pockets/lapel etc.

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Festival Vest

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