Trader Joes coconut oil & Wildfox tee


energy balls

Uses for coconut oil:


Skin moizturizer

Makeup remover

Cooking oil

Massage oil

Energy supplement

Hair conditioner

Tanning oil (SPF 4)

D.I.Y. Tips:

•Mix it with sugar for a natural exfoliant.

•Use it as a binding agent for energy balls-add whatever superfoods you like (ground almond, gogi, cacao, cinnamon etc.).

•We like to eat it with banana chips!!!

Im obsessed with coconut oil to say the least. I’ve been using it for everything under the sun lately. Whether its cooking or laying on the beach, I can always find a use for it. The most recent discovery is using it for eye makeup remover. Its natural  antibacterial & antioxidant  properties can rid your digestive tract of parasites, and clear your skin of pretty much anything (dryness, excema, rashes). Slather it on! Eat it up! Whatever you use it for you cant go wrong, so get creative!!! Read more about the benefits here

Listen: Sun & Sand Playlist 

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