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Juicing and superfoods… #trendy. It seems like every product on the shelves lately contains gogi/maca/coconut/hemp/chia etc. Here to tell ya, this is no different. I have to admit I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, and why not?? These antioxidant rich foods are big nutrition  in a small package. Not to mention the fact that they are delicious! Weve been making acai bowls with bee pollen, hemp/almond/coconut oil/chocolate energy bars, as well as using coconut oil for EVERYTHING (post on this soon). The latest venture is in juicing fresh cannabis leaves. The result? A fresh, grassy, super “shot” thats loaded with powerful nourishment. *Dont worry, the juice is not psychoactive, so you wont feel the affects of other intake methods like smoking or edibles.  ¡Solamente saludable!

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