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Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Poblanos


We just came to the end of our gluten free, dairy free, coffee free, alcohol free, sugar free (including fruit…yikes!) month. Yes, I know that alot of “free,” but, we did it!  The key for us was hitting the farmers market hard every week, developing relationships with our farmer friends, and visiting our friends with gardens. In addition to fresh vegetables/salad, we made every kind of quinoa imaginable. With quinoa being about fifty percent of our diet, its easy to get a little bored. Thats when we got inventive and created this dish. It features quinoa mixed with south of the border veggies which we then stuffed into freshly roasted poblano peppers, sitting stop buttery avocado rings.  Top with a shower of cilantro, a sprinkle of lime, and you’re good to go!


Quinoa-3 cups
Poblano Peppers-4
Serrano Peppers-3
Red Onion-1 medium
Cucumber-1 large
Cilantro-1 bunch
Garlic-4 toes
Olive Oil-1/2 cup


Wash quinoa until water runs clear.  In a saucepan bring equal parts water and quinoa to a boil, reduce to simmer and cook for 12-15 minutes. While quinoa cooks,  charr poblanos on the stovetop over a high flame. You will hear popping (this is good!) and  the lovely aroma of roasted green chiles will fill the air. Rotate peppers until most of the skin is dark and crispy.  Remove quinoa from heat and fluff with a fork, set aside to cool.  Dice serrano, onion, cucumber,  and garlic, chop cilantro. Combine oil, garlic, and the juice of two limes (save two wedges for garnish) in a mason jar. Add salt and pepper.  Shake. Once peppers have cooled, slice off a side of each, remove seeds and discard, but save pepper slices. Dice pepper slices and add to quinoa. To plate, slice avocados, and stuff peppers. Place quinoa on top of avocado, garnish with cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

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Roadtrip Concerts



Three of my top musical acts all within a one-month span…yes. Two I have seen, and didn’t disappoint to say the least, and the other I get to see with one of my favorite night owls in crime (you know who you are). Music, friends, and ROADTRIPS!!! It doesn’t get much better than that. Posts on these shows soon.

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Desert Dweller


Sunset at Great Sand Dunes National Park


No Place Like Home:

home 1home 2home 3

Horchata ice cream from the Love Apple, leaving the windows open and building a small fire on a rainy summer night, Indian horses in our pasture (especially this one with a beautiful stripe down his back), rainbows in our pasture, roasting green chile, being closer to my little bro, prickly pear margs from El Camino…these are just a few things that I love about Taos. The beauty here is undeniable and I feel more inspired here than any other place in the world (besides Rome). Number six is especially important to me. On a personal note, Sam is probably the best brother that ever existed, and we are best friends. I am beyond excited to drive down to Santa fe tomorrow to see his band Jupiter Spiral play Santa Fe Plaza Live. We plan on staying at a historic hotel on Route 66 (post soon come) and I plan on enjoying my first cocktail in a month (which will be a margarita) at the La Fonda hotel before the band plays. It truly is the Land of Enchantment.

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Weekend Plans:

listening partycrosley3

1)Half Moon Tambourine,  2)Handwoven Nevali Rug-Anthropologie, 3)Unknown Mortal Orchestra Vinyl-Urban Outfitters,  4)Crosley Portable Turntable-Urban Outfitters, 5)Enamelware Candle-Anthropologie, 6)Arrow Print Organic Pillow-Earth Cadets


I plan on having a low key weekend (again) consisting of a girls day at the pool, playing tourist in my own town, and a listening party for my new vinyls. I love my Crosley turntable so much, it has great sound, is portable, and even converts old records to mp3’s on your computer. Cozying up with a few pillows, candles, and new music is my idea of a good time.

Listen: Unknown Mortals Orchestra-So Good at Being in Trouble

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Camp Friendly Brown Rice Pasta

IMG_6011 IMG_6016IMG_6026IMG_6027IMG_6033IMG_6041


We went camping in beautiful Bandolier National Monument this week. It was great to get away on what would be my second camp trip in one week.  I planned the menu for breakfast lunch and dinner carefully, shopping for easy, short cook meals, that would be as enjoyable to eat as they were to make. Camp food is usually associated with unhealthy meals/sweets/beer etc, but theres no reason they cant be delicious as well as nutritious. My new favorite find is this brown rice pasta…its gluten free and it takes only 2 minutes of actual cook time!!! Yes, you bring water to a boil, add the pasta, and let cook for two minutes. Turn off the flame and let sit for 18 more minutes, and presto! You have a perfectly al dente pasta that you would never know wasn’t wheat.  Cooking this way is ideal for camping, where fuel is carefully rationed, and is a great way to be sustainable. This is the perfect camping meal, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Tinkyada Brown Rice Spirals-one whole package
Cherry Tomatoes (I used local tomatoes from farmers in Alcalde)-2 cups
Feta (regional Tucumcari feta)-1 cup
Fresh Basil–3 tbsp
Kalamata Olives-1 cup
Garlic (also local)-3 toes
Olive Oil-1/4 cup


Cook brown rice pasta as directed. Drain and let cool. While pasta is cooling slice tomatoes, olives, chiffonade basil, and dice garlic. Saute garlic in olive oil until fragrant and softened. Add garlic and oil, as well as tomatoes, olives, and lastly feta to pasta. Combine gently but throughly. Serve and hear people exclaim is just as good as regular pasta!

*Left overs are great for a hike the next day!!!

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found 1IMG_0362IMG_0364

There are some pretty interesting people around here,  and coincidentally, their garage sales yield some pretty interesting stuff.  As with most things in life you get what you put in, so the more you venture out to these advertised yard/garage/junk sales, the more your efforts will come to frution. These three gems cost, in total, 6 dollars. That’s about the third of a cost of one single vinyl from Urban. SCORE.

*Lookout out for an upcoming “Listening Party” post

Listen : The Band-The Weight 

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Style 1

Pants-Anthropologie, Tank-Free People, Necklace-Dodds and Boshae, Hat-Free People


Being back home in the high desert is definitely impacting my style. When it is 90 degrees by 11 o’clock there is an affect on my daily dressing routine, making earthy tones and flowy fabrics part of the repertoire. I had been looking forward to wearing these uber comfy palazzo pants that are reminiscent of Missoni. I decided to cas them down with a billowy white tank tee and throw on my new malachite necklace from Dodds and Boshae. We set out to visit a local historic building near my house called the Martinez Hacienda, while enjoying the fresh after-rain air.

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Homemade Watermelon-Mint Kombucha

watermelon mint kombuchaimageimage-4IMG_0533IMG_0534image-2image-3ta dah
Tunic-Freepeople, Ring-Low Luv, Anniversary Mason Jars-Ball


LOVE kombucha. HATE paying $4 a bottle. Solution: Make your own!!! Im learning so much about probiotics and what they can do for your body, and kombucha is one great way to stock up with these beneficial microorganisms. Live flora makes for a happy gut and a happier more energized you. Im slightly obsessed with the taste, and once you have your kombucha base flavor, the possibilities are endless. Watermelon-mint seemed like a perfect choice with the mint growing so plentifully in the garden, in which we called “melon-bucha.”  Earl-Grey, lavendar, and cantaloupe lime being the next few on our list.

1)Purchase a bottle unpasteurized, raw kombucha from your local health food store.

2)Steep two tea bags of your flavor choice in a gallon of boiling water, mix in 1/4 cup cane sugar, add kombucha

3)Let stand at room temperature for a week until mother, or mushroom develops

4)Add your choice of brewed tea into a clean 1/2 or 1 gallon jar (get creative here!)

5)Add 2 cups of turbinado sugar to each 1/2 gallon of tea, let cool to room temperature

6)Add mushroom or SCOBY and one cup of the previous kombucha

7)Cover with cheesecloth and secure with rubberband. Let sit for in cool dark area for one week.

8)Separate mushroom and reserve one cup of kombucha.

9)Add the remaining liquid, and desired fruits and herbs, in individual mason jars

10)Seal jars and let sit for 3 more days to develop carbonation.


*Now you have a mother to make future batches, and to also separate to gift to friends

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DIY: Destroyed Tee



Tee-Velvet, Cuff-Liliclaspe, Stevie Skinny Jeans-AG, Boots-Free People


Have a nicer tee that has developed a small hole? Don’t immediately retire it to the pajama drawer, play up the holes by creating more yourself. Distressing the tee creates a edgy look that is perfect with a pair of dark skinny jeans and your best tramping boots.  I’ve seen similar tees for upwards of $100 (insanity). Add layered gold necklaces for rocker glam.

Listen: Them Crooked Vultures-Bandoliers 

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